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Prehnite with Black Tourmaline Sphere

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Experience the powerful energy of Prehnite with Black Tourmaline Sphere. This unique combination offers the benefits of both stones, including increased protection, emotional balance, and enhanced spiritual growth. The druzy accent adds a touch of sparkle to this stunning piece, making it a must-have for any crystal enthusiast.

Prehnite is a healer stone. Known to have the ability to heal a healer.
Black Tourmaline is a strong protective of energies.

option 1: 15.8 oz and 2.5"
Option 2: 15.8 oz and 2.5"
Option 3: 11.8 oz and 2.4"
Option 4: 1 lb and 2.7"

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prehnite sphere with black tourmaline. sitting on glass stand outside

Prehnite with Black Tourmaline Sphere


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