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Rose Quartz on India Turquoise Phallic Incense Holder

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This unique incense holder boasts a playful design, featuring a phallic shape crafted from rose quartz and resting on a base of India turquoise. Perfect for adding a touch of humor and style to your home decor, while also providing a functional and unique way to burn your favorite incense.

Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra allowing for unconditional love. It removes negativity and makes room for giving and receiving love.

India Turquoise aids in balancing the chakras, promotes wisdom and spiritual growth.

Paired together these two crystals work together to help open and balance you to allow love in your life and to truly love yourself.

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rose quartz and India turquoise phallic incense holder on a white counter with leaves and pink flowers

Rose Quartz on India Turquoise Phallic Incense Holder


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