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Clear Quartz Towers

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See the world in a new light with these Clear Quartz Towers! These stunning crystals allow you to see through their beautiful form, reflecting the clarity they bring to your life.

Good for:
Quartz has been used since ancient times to heighten metaphysical abilities. Mainly known as the master healer. amplifying energies and optimizing health. placing it with other stones can amplify their energy and be used to accelerate spiritual work, regulate energy, and balance the body. it aids in stimulating positive thoughts and feelings enhancing mental clarity. making it great for manifestation and restorative work. Good for all Chakras

Size 1: Weight:  1.7 oz 
Size 2: Weight: 4.2 oz and 2.85"
Size 3:Weight: 2.5 oz  
Size 4: Weight: 2.1 oz and 3"

Height Ranges from 2.56 in - 3.18 in

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clear quartz points/towers stand on tree stump outside

Clear Quartz Towers


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