About Us

Our Mission is to disrupt the stereotypes of the metaphysical world. By creating a neutral positive place where all can feel at home: from newbies trying to learn all the way to experienced witches.

We are two sisters (Leslie & Renee) who created the Odd Squad in 2023 with the hope and purpose for all to feel comfortable to shop metaphysical oddities. From crystals to clothing.


Leslie has spent most of her adult life traveling and as much as she loved it, she is ready to put all that she has learned (cultures, the world, people, to better use. She is ready to put down some roots as she embarks on her new spiritual journey and is excited to share this adventure with the Odd Squad Family. She is the older to Renee and has a pity mix that holds her heart and soul. When Renee says dance…. She dances...

Renee is happily married with a beautiful German Shepherd baby. She is excited about her journey into the metaphysical world and learning. She can’t wait to bring the odd squad family along for the ride. Renee excels on the creative side and loves being able to use her journey to create things to share with you all. Even though she is quite introverted when you get to know her she’s freaking hilarious.

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