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Fire Quartz on Vanadinite Ring Holder

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Add a spark (literally) to your crystal collection with our Fire Quartz on Vanadinite handcrafted crystal ring holder!

While fire quartz has been seen to grow on vanadinite, we place these two pieces together. We wanted it to be for more than their beauty.

Vanadinite is good for pain relief and mental clarity and can bring in happiness and joy when you're connected to your higher self. As well as increasing energy and vitality. Fire quartz can help clear blockages, releasing trauma and bringing joy. 

This ring holder will not only safely hold your rings, the duo will help stabilize you while you work through pain to find the fire inside you once more. 

Fits ring sizes 4 and bigger

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fire quartz tower sits on a raw vanadite base. this handcrafted crystal ring holder fits ring sizes 4 and bigger. sitting on marble counter surrounded by greenery and flowers.

Fire Quartz on Vanadinite Ring Holder


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