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Towers Medium

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Moss agate promotes inner peace and emotional equilibrium. It is ideal for individuals who struggle with intense aggression or excessive caretaking tendencies, as it helps harmonize both masculine and feminine energies that may become overly dominant.

Labradorite possesses powerful spiritual properties, connecting one to higher energies and expanding spiritual insight. It can eliminate mental and energetic barriers within the aura, while also dispelling fears stemming from past trauma. This stone is often utilized in crystal therapy to treat inflammatory ailments and hormonal imbalances, while safeguarding all chakras. It is also referred to as the "dreamer stone."


Moss Agate: 2.3oz and 3.25"
Labradorite Approximately: 2.5oz and 3.24" 

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moss agate with blue tower in front of vines

Towers Medium


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